Today is Monday,I get up at 6:30.Then,I take a shower and brush my teeth. Then I eat breakfast at 7:00. After breakfast I go to school at 7:30.

In the morning, I have many subject. they are English,math,and two Chinese. Then is eat lunch time,today I eat some bread. In the afternoon I have four class,too. They are computer,P.E.,biology and music.

After school I do my homework. then I eat dinner at 6:30. After dinner I read my book . Then I go to bed on 9:00. This is my day. Please tell me with your day.


1.关于同学和朋友My Friend

Mo Zifeng is my friend. He’s 10. He likes music. He likes singing and he can sing well. He likes reading. He doesn’t like science. He is a good student.

2.我的一天My Day

Hello. My name is Huang Qiuwu. I’m 11. I get up at 7:00 a.m.. I go to school at 7:20. I have breakfast at 8:05. I have lunch at 12:00. I get home at 5:00. I go to bed at 9:00. This is my day.

3.我的一周My Week,

I play ping pong on Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I play basketball. On Thursday and Friday, I play tennis. On Saturday and Sunday, I watch TV with my mother.

4.家务Helping at home

I’m a helpful(勤劳的) boy. I can do some housework at home. I can sweep the floor and fold the clothes. I can wash the clothes and wash the dishes. I can clean the desk and clean the windows.


Hello, I’m Zhang Zhao. I am 10. Today is Sunday. I’m not at school. I like English, but I don’t like P.E.. I’m reading an English book now.Look, He is my friend Tony. He likes P.E., but he doesn’t like art. He is playing basketball now.


1.What subjects do you like?I like math and art.

2.What are you doing? I’m studying.

3.What is she doing?She’s running.

4.Is he writing? Yes, he is./ No, he isn’t.

5.What day is it today? It’s Monday.

6.What do you do on Wednesday ? I play basketball on Wednesday.

7.What time do you go to school? I go to school at 7:05.

8.It’s time to get up.

9.This is her hand. These are his feet.

10. Touch your arms. Open your book.Close the windows.

11. Is your father sweeping the floor? Yes, he is./ No, he isn’t.

12. Are you folding the clothes? Yes, I am. /No, I’m not.

13. Do you want a toy plane? Yes , I do. /No, I don’t.

14. Does your mother want a car? Yes, she does./No, she doesn’t.

15. What do you want?I want a puzzle.

16. What does Tony want?He wants a guitar.

17. I’m busy. I can’t play today.

18.What time is it? It’s 5:10.



My English name is sally. I‘m from China. I‘m Chinese. I always wear green and white shirt and blue trousers. I have big eyes、small mouth and a small nose.

My favorite sports are tennis, Ping-Pong and running. My favorite subject is English. I like eating apple and cake. My favorites drink is coke, milk and juice.

This is me, we can become good friend?



(My home)我的家

My name is Mao Jiayun. I’m in Class 1, Grade 4. Look! This is my home. It’s not big, but it’s very nice. There are six rooms in it, three bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room. There is a computer, a bed , two chairs , a desk and three windows in my father’s bedroom. There is a picture, a bed, a shelf, a (来自:WWw.HnnscY.com 博文 学习 网:四年级英语作文带翻译)desk and three chairs in my room. You can see a picture, a fan and a shelf in Grandma’s room. In the living room, you can see a picture, a fan, two lights, a TV, a table, three sofas and many books. Do you like my home?



Dear friend,

My name is Sally. I am from China. I want a pen pal in Australia. I am 14 years old. I have no brothers or sisters in my family. MY favorite subject in school is science, because I think it’s very interesting. I like playing the piano and playing basketball on weekends. How about you? Can you write and tell me something about yourself?




2、My name is Wang Lin . Now I live in Hangzhou , China. I want to find a pen pal in England. I’m now 14 years old . I speak Chinese .And I can speak a little English. I like sports ,swimming is my favorite . I also like playing the computer games . My favorite subject in school is math. I like to go to movies with my friends. My favorite movie is Beauty and Beast . Now I live with my parents .

Can you write to me soon ?



3、I have a good friend, his name is Bill. He is from Sydney, Australia. Now he lives in Beijing with his parents. He is 14 years old and his birthday is in October. He speaks English and he can speak a little Chinese. He has lots of friends in Beijing. He often plays soccer after school with them. It’s his favorite sport. He likes Chinese action movies very much. He thinks they are interesting. He favorite actor is Jet Li.


5、My favorite animal is a cat. I have a cat in my family. Her name is Mimi, I think she is from China. She is two years old now. She likes to eat fish every day. She is kind of lazy, but she is very

cute. I like to palsy with it after school.


8、I like playing basketball .It’s very interesting . I often play it with my friends. It’s a team work.. Everyone needs to work together with others. (每个人都需要和别人合作). I can also make many new friends in the game. My favorite basketball player is Yao Ming. He is very tall and plays basketball very well. I want to play in NBA one day like him.



10、Tom, Nancy , Lily and Jack are my good friends .They all love to watch different TV shows. Tom likes sports, so he likes sports shows. Nancy watches comedies and she loves sitcoms. But Lily can’t stand them .She just likes game shows. Jack doesn’t like sitcoms either. He enjoys talk shows. So you know they are all TV shows fans.(他们都是电视迷)



Good morning ! Here’s the weather report for some big cities in the world . Beijing is cloudy . It’s very cold, so wear warm clothes when you go out . In Hong Kong there’s beautiful sunshine.(阳光灿烂). People will feel cool in the daytime. It is sunny in New York , but there’s a strong wind (大风) in the afternoon. It will be rainy in Sydney but very hot. The day after tomorrow (后天) will be sunny.

That’s the weather report for today . Thank you for listening .(谢谢收听)

早上好!这里是一些大城市的天气预报中的世界。北京是多云。天气很冷,所以穿上暖和的衣服当你出门。在香港有美丽的阳光。(阳光灿烂)。人们会感到凉爽的白天。纽约是晴天,但有一个强烈的风(大风)下午。在悉尼会下雨,但是很热。明天以后(后天)将是晴朗的。 这是今天的天气报告。谢谢你听。(谢谢收听)



My home is on Center Street . On Center Street, there is a restaurant, a KFC and a library. The KFC is between the library and the restaurant. Across from the KFC is a pay phone. A bank is next to the pay phone. The supermarket is on Fifth Avenue. A hotel is in front of the supermarket.



There are three people in Jim’s family . Mr. Green is his father . He is fat and he has short straight hair . He wears glasses . He is watching TV. His mother is Mrs. Green . She is a woman of medium height . She has curly hair. She is cleaning the room . Jim is very thin. He is playing with the ball. They are all happy.