1 南外加试卷 Choose the best answers: 1. Today the impression paintings are accepted as the beginning of ______

 we call “modern art”. A.which



 D.how 2. I wanted to know if ______. A.he would come

  B.he comes

  C.he is coming

 D.he will come 3.______enters the computer room should take off his shoes in order to keep them clean enough. A. Who

 B. Whoever

 C. Whomever 4._______since the night before, I felt very hungry. A. Having eaten anything

 B. Not having eaten anything C. I hadn’t eaten anything

 D. Not eating anything 5. He did rather well and I thought ______of him. A.many


 C.a lot of

 D.some 6. It is the way ______they talk______makes people laugh. A.how; that

 B.that; that

  C.in which;which

 D./;which 7. A strong earthquake in New Zealand South Island city of Christchurch, ______ widespread destruction in the city center. A.caused

  B.to cause


 D. To have caused 8. After playing in the park for a few hours, the pupils gathered under trees______ shade and ______ down to eat their picnic lunch. A.provided;sit

 B.providing; sitting


 D.provided; sat 9. The 16 th

 Asian Games were successfully held in______city of Guangzhou,______ famous city in China. A.a;the



  D./;the 10. Joe invited me to his party on Friday, but I have to meet my uncle. So I don’t know whether ______ to the party or not. A.go

 B.will go

 C.to go

 D.going 11. Enough of it! Nobody here thinks your words should make any______. A.value



 D.use 12. It ______last night______ Tom saw an interesting film in Star Cinema. A.is;that



  D.was;who 13. After dinner he gave Mr.Richardson______ride to Capital Airport. A.the;a



  D./;the 14.---Have you read today’s report about your performance?

  --- I don’t care what______about me. A.will be written



 D.is written 15. He was well ill. But the doctor said his_______had______to do with his smoking. A.ill; not



 D.sickness;little 16.---Congratulations! You did well in the long race.

 --- Thanks. But I have a long _______ to go. A.road



 D.end 17. He really works hard. He is always the first ______and the last______. A.to leave;to come

  B.to come;to leave


 D.to come;leaving

  2 18. Words written on the pot are hard_______,_______? A.to read them;are they

  B.to read; aren’t they C.reading them;are they

  D.read;aren’t they 19. ---Do you know about “Tiger Mom”?

 ---Yes. Her children will never be praised ______they have done everything ______she requires. A.after;that



  D.when;which 20.---Did you watch the basketball match yesterday?

 --- Yes, I did. You know my brother______in the match. A.is playing

 B.was playing

  C.has played

  D.had played 21. The experts advise_____our army_____modern. A.to equip;using


 C.to equip; for

  D.equipping;by 22. --- I like your new shoes!

 --- Thanks. I had to try on almost a dozen pairs______ I decided to get them. A.as



 D.before 23. They _______in Holland for ten years.Now they live in Pairs. A.lived

  B.have lived

  C.had lived

  D.were living 24.---Sorry, I ______to buy the book you need for you.

  --- Never mind._____it myself after school. A.forget;I’d rather buy

  B.forgot;I’ll buy

  C.forgot;I was going to buy

 D.forget;I’d better buy 25. Would you please______if the boy is sleeping? A.not wake him up

  B.not woke up

  C.not to wake him up D.not to wake up 26. Be careful with such things. If you ______, you will drop them. A.don’t



 D.do 27. I’m afraid we’ll have to work extra hours for there are still some problems______. A.reminding to settle

  B.remaining to be settled C.remained to talk about

  D.to remain to discuss 28. This design is ______satisfactory. So you’ll have to try your best to improve it. A.nothing but

 B.anything but

  C.all but

 D.everything but 29.---Would you mind if I turned off the air conditional?

  ---_______. It makes no difference to me. A. Never mind

 B. Not at all

  C. Sure,go ahead

 D. Why not? 30. I ______the mistake______them my phone number. A.made;of giving

  B.took,of giving

 C.made;to give

 D.took,to give 31.--- Who has eaten all the cake.Jim?

  --- Oh,______must be your two pet dogs. A.it

 B.they C.that D.which 32.______is well known to everyone the Olympic Games______every four years. A. That;happen B. This;broke out C. As,take place D.It;are held 33. While we’ve developing agriculture and industry, we must prevent the earth______. A.from polluting B.polluted C.polluting D.being polluted 34. It is easy to do the repair. ______you need is a hammer and some nails. A. Something B. All C. Both

 D. Everything

  3 35.--- I would like to buy an expensive camera.

  ---Well. We have several models ______. A.to choose from B.to choose C.to be chosen D.for choosing 36. ---Have you made up your mind______the chance to go to France?

 ---No I’m practicing______the French language. A.to give up;to learn

 B.to give up;learning

 C.giving up;to learn

 D.giving up;learning 37. We must treasure every minute because______time is______forever. A.lost;losing B.lost;lost C.losing;losing D.losing;lost 38. I walked in our garden,______ Tom and Jim were tying a big sign onto one of the trees. A.which B.when C.where D.that 39. Have you seen the film”Titanic”, _______leading actor is world-famous? A.its

 B.it’s C.whose D.which 40. Nuclear energy may be dangerous if _______. We need to think twice before we use it. A.not being controlled B.not controlling C.not controlled D.controlled.

 Fill in the blanks with the first given letters: 1. In this villages no one is allowed to build, develop or disturb the old village environment in any way and all the houses are m__________ in their original sixteen-century style. 2. When furnishing the kitchen, you can even have two dishwashers if the size and b__________allow—think of it as saving time in the long run. 3. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a popular saying in American. Other countries have s__________sayings. 4. P__________ people were the first to use the knives and spoons. They used shells and chips of wood as spoons to scoop food to the mouth. 5. The c__________in some coal mines are bad. That’s why there are often accidents.

 6. It is said that there are more and more c__________ by teenagers. Some of them even shoot people to death. 7. Will you be p__________ by your parents if you cannot get well-prepared for the coming test? 8. The car accident was not the driver’s f__________ as there was a man suddenly running across the road. 9. Nowadays, very few f__________catch fish with cormorants(鸬鹚). They prefer to use big fishing boats and nets. 10. When the electricity was cut off, all the people in the elevator p___________. Some even screamed and cried. 11. Throughout the history, people from different countries and c_________ have lived together in Britain. 12. As we know, French did not replace English ad the first language. Despite the fact, French still had an i__________on the English language. 13. Classical music had very few l__________. Usually it focused more on instrument like the piano or the violin, although operas had words in Italian or French. 14. The two organizations c__________to form one stronger company last year. 15. Since the new police was carried out, the small town had been turned into a c__________center with lots of shops and companies.

  4 16. Solar panels, grey water recycling and purifying systems are i_________in this new type of house without using too many pipes and wires. 17. We all know that a museum is a building used for the p_________ and exhibition of interesting and valuable objects,such as works of art or historical items. 18. When speaking of modern a_________, we can’t help thinking of Professor Yuan Longping, “the most famous father in China” and “ the father of hybrid rice.” 19. When I was growing up, my dad played many different roles in my life. Though some of these roles made me happy and some made me sad, they all help me on my way to a b__________life. 20. Earth Hour is held on the last Saturday in March every year, e__________governments, households, businesses and individuals to turn off their non-essential( 不重要的)lights for one hour. 21. Around the world, many towns, cities, states and countries choose their l__________based on a simple electoral(选举的) system: the person who gets the most votes gets to be in charge. 22. When we look at an object, we do not actually see its color. Instead, we see the light that the object r__________. 23. After the strike, the boss had to agree to raise all the workers’ s__________. 24. Most of the Swiss population lives in the river v__________ or on the large plain between the Alps and Jura Mountains. 25. The early s__________made friends with the local natives, but later, the natives became their slaves. 26. Mothers’ Day falls on the second Sunday in May. It is a public expression of our love and r_________for all the mothers in the world. 27. Before the Civil War, many people in southern states used enslaved Africans for l__________. 28. The temples of ancient Egypt were shrines to gods. They were made up of tall stone c__________ and giant blocks of stone. 29. Stanford is the second best university worldwide in 2011-12, tying with Harvard. The c__________faculty(教职工) has 17 Nobel winners and 4 Pulitzers, among many other academic awards. 30. During the Middle Age, the great Lords of Europe lived in castles. Their serfs(农奴) worked on the land in return for protection and a small c__________ to live in.

 Fill in the blanks with the given words in proper form. 1. You really should make__________(you) at home while you stay here, my dear friends. 2. Jim does his homework much_________(care) than any other boy in his class. So he seldom has mistakes. 3. After a war of three years with the Aztecs, the Spanish took __________ of Mexico, which has been__________ by ...